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Check out my favorite children's stories!
Grab my latest release!

This story was created to show multicultural children, in a gentle and loving way, just how much Jesus loves them. Each illustration takes the child on a journey around the world, from birth to childhood, to see how different cultures share this lullaby with their children at bedtime.

I've compiled a handy-dandy eBook of my favorites, with links, so you can find them online super fast!

Download my ladies Bible study notebook!

I believe that beautiful Bible study is essential as a woman. I find that it encourages me to want to spend more time in Scripture by drawing me in by its beauty. I hope you enjoy this freebie I created just for you!



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Get your homeschooling methods explained eBook!

Let's face it, homeschooling, or the idea of it, can be terrifying! I have counseled so many moms who, not only didn't know where to start, but were nervous over the journey they desired to embark on. So, I decided to compile an easy-to-read pdf to break into bite sized nuggets the info needed to help you understand the most common homeschooling methods.

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